Participants whose abstract has been accepted as an e-poster will have the possibility to display a presentation during one full day on a HD TV.


We can deal with powerpoint, pdf and libre office presentation. If you have movies, make sure that your movies are embedded and run.

If I have an e-poster, may I also have a regular p-poster?

Yes, we encourage participants who have been allocated an e-poster to also bring a regular paper-poster on the same subject. The e-poster can include movies and other visual effects but runs only for one day. p-Posters will be on during the full meeting

When will my e-poster be displayed?

Monday 29 October 2018
Robert CameronThe solar dynamo: Inferences from observations
Yori FournierDelayed Babcock-Leighton dynamos with high diffusion.
Stefan HofmeisterThe photospheric structure of coronal holes: magnetic elements
Bastian ProxaufOn the depth dependence of solar equatorial Rossby waves
Tuesday 30 October 2018
Tom DuvallRossby waves in the solar convection zone measured by deep-focus time-distance helioseismology
Hideyuki HottaFirst comprehensive calculation of the whole solar convection zone
Kaori Nagashima Towards improved multi-ridge fitting method for ring-diagram analysis
Cristina Rabello SoaresStatistical Analysis of Acoustic Wave Power and Flows around Solar Active Regions
Wednesday 31 October 2018
Benjamin LynchObservations and Modeling of a High-Latitude, Extended Filament Channel Eruption
Maria Madjarska-TheissenEruptions from quiet Sun coronal bright points: Observations & Modeling
P. VemareddyResearch on Solar Drivers of Space-weather: Sun-Earth connection of magnetic flux ropes
Matthew WestExploring The Solar Poles From L1 Perspective
Thursday 1 November 2018
Markus SchmassmannOn the Vertical Magnetic Field at the Umbral Boundary of a long-lived Sunspot
Ruizhu ChenEstimating solar far-side magnetic flux from STEREO EUV observations by deep learning
Vladimir AirapetianAstrospheric Space Weather as a Factor of (Exo)Planetary Habitability
Don Woodraska NASA Rocket 36.336 Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrum