Posters come in two flavors: traditional paper poster (p-poster) and electronic poster (e-poster).


The p-posters are on during the whole week


Please keep the following restrictions in mind when preparing your poster:

Posters should be removed after the final coffee break


Participants whose abstract has been accepted as an e-poster will have the possibility to display a presentation during one full day on a HD TV.


We can deal with powerpoint, pdf and libre office presentation as well as movies (with VLC as player). If you have movies in your presentation, make sure that your movies are embedded and run. We encourage you to upload your presentation at the latest the day before your e-poster is scheduled.

Upload your presentation

If I have an e-poster, may I also bring a regular p-poster?

Yes, we encourage participants who have been allocated an e-poster to also bring a regular paper-poster on the same subject. The e-poster can include movies and other visual effects but runs only for one day. p-Posters are on during the full meeting

When will my e-poster be displayed?

Monday 29 October 2018
Robert CameronThe solar dynamo: Inferences from observations
Yori FournierDelayed Babcock-Leighton dynamos with high diffusion.
Stefan HofmeisterThe photospheric structure of coronal holes: magnetic elements
Bastian ProxaufOn the depth dependence of solar equatorial Rossby waves
Tuesday 30 October 2018
Tom DuvallRossby waves in the solar convection zone measured by deep-focus time-distance helioseismology
Hideyuki HottaFirst comprehensive calculation of the whole solar convection zone
Kaori Nagashima Towards improved multi-ridge fitting method for ring-diagram analysis
Cristina Rabello SoaresStatistical Analysis of Acoustic Wave Power and Flows around Solar Active Regions
Wednesday 31 October 2018
Benjamin LynchObservations and Modeling of a High-Latitude, Extended Filament Channel Eruption
Maria Madjarska-TheissenEruptions from quiet Sun coronal bright points: Observations & Modeling
P. VemareddyResearch on Solar Drivers of Space-weather: Sun-Earth connection of magnetic flux ropes
Matthew WestExploring The Solar Poles From L1 Perspective
Thursday 1 November 2018
Sushant TripathyImpact of Observational Duty Cycle on the Measurements of Local Helioseismic Mode Parameters
Ruizhu ChenEstimating solar far-side magnetic flux from STEREO EUV observations by deep learning
Vladimir AirapetianAstrospheric Space Weather as a Factor of (Exo)Planetary Habitability
Don Woodraska NASA Rocket 36.336 Extreme Ultraviolet Spectrum