Demystifying machine learning

This mini-workshop will be based on the on the digital book HelioML

It is best to download the Helio ML book to get the notebooks and dataset that will be used.


To prepare for the upcoming mini-workshop please follow the Python installation instructions.


Task Resources

Briefly (10 minutes) discuss: What is machine learning? And what are your concerns about machine learning?

Group discussion
1 Work together through example: fitting time series HelioML chapter, notebook
2 Introduce HelioML: motivation, contents HelioML chapter
3 Show “What is Machine Learning?” PDSH* notebook
4 Show “In Depth: Support Vector Machines” PDSH* notebook
5 Work together through part of example: predicting CMEs HelioML chapter; notebook

*PDSH = Python Data Science Handbook by Jake VanderPlas, freely available on GitHub


James Paul Mason, @starfleetjames

Monica Bobra


Friday 2018-11-02 from 09:00-10:30


Augustinus Room