We foresee 30 min (25 min talks, 5 min Q/A) for invited talks and 15min (10min talks, 5min Q/A) for oral contributions during plenary sessions.

The following concerns oral presentations (invited and contributed) given during plenary sessions - not presentations given during the miniworkshops. You have possibility to upload your presentation. This is highly recommended in order to smooth the running of a session. You may choose if you want the presentation to be publicly available on this website after the workshop, or kept private.If the upload solution is not satisfactory to you, it will always be possible to use your own laptop.

Upload your presentation


We can deal with powerpoint, pdf, keynote, and libre office presentation. If you have movies, make sure that your movies are embedded and run. The ratio 16:9 is the best for the projector, but the projector can deal also with 4:3.

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When are the sessions programmed?

Check the Block Session diagram.