Registration Fee Waiver for students based in the USA

Students working in institutions located in the USA may apply for a registration fee waiver.
Applications for this registration fee waiver can be obtained by filling in the form below and mailing it to
registration-as AT before July 15 with "[SDO2018] registration fee waiver" in the mail subject:

  Name:		________________
  First Name:	________________
  Email Address:  ________________
  Affiliation:    ________________

  Information about research: 
          - time of thesis defense:  ________
          - Contact information	for PhD advisor:
                 Name:    _________________
                 Email :  _________________
                 Phone :  _________________

  Tentative abstract summarizing presentation at conference: (not more than 1/4 page)

  Provide a brief statement of your goals at this conference: (not more than 1/4 page)

Please copy/paste the above in an email to registration-as AT with subject line "[SDO2018] registration fee waiver" or click here.
Deadline for Registration Fee Waiver Applications is July 15, 2018.

You will be informed by August 3 on the support we can provide, i.e. well before the abstract submission deadline (August 17).
Please note that no guarantee can be given that your request will be fulfilled. Registration fee waivers can be granted at the 100% level
(no registration fee to pay) or at the 50% level (only 175EUR registration fee remaining).