Session 1 - Solar magnetic variability and irradiance over the solar cycle

Conveners: Marc DeRosa (LMSAL), Jesper Schou (MPS)
Monday 29/10, 17:00 - 18:00

Given that both the solar magnetic field and the solar irradiance has been continuously sampled with space-based instruments for almost an entire 22-year solar cycle, what is the relation between these two observables and what conclusions can be drawn from such relations?

Plenary speaker: Kok Leng Yeo (MPS)


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Monday October 29, 17:00 - 18:00
17:00Solar irradiance variability and surface magnetismYeo, KInvited Oral
17:30The GOES EUVS Model: New Operational Spectral Irradiances from GOES-R Thiemann, EOral
17:45Kinetic and Current Helicity of Long-Lived Activity Complexes During Solar Cycle 24Komm, ROral


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The solar dynamo: Inferences from observationsCameron, R
Delayed Babcock-Leighton dynamos with high diffusion.Fournier, Y
The photospheric structure of coronal holes: magnetic elementsHofmeister, S


Study of Ionosphere Variability over equatorial latitude during extreme low solar activity periodPurohit, D
The Sunspot Number recalibrationLefevre, L
Measurements of Solar Oblateness during the SDO MissionBush, R
Soothing Massage of HMI Magnetic Field DataHoeksema, T
On the acoustic mode frequency dependence with solar cycleRabello soares, M
Tracking of predominant periodicities evolution for PROBA2/LYRA and other long-term solar time seriesWauters, L