Session 10 - Special Session: The AR12673 on Sept 1-10 2017

Conveners: Barbara Thompson (GSFC), Veronique Delouille (ROB)
Tuesday 30/10, 13:15 - 15:00


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Tuesday October 30, 13:15 - 15:00
13:15Precursors of magnetic flux emergence in the moat flows of active region AR12673Attie, ROral
13:30Joint observation of the X9.3 and X8.3 flares of September 6 and 10 2017 by SDO/EVE, PROBA2/LYRA and MAVEN/EUVMDominique, MOral
13:45Coronal and chromospheric observations of pre- and post-flare plasma evolutionLong, DOral
14:00SDO/EVE Observations of Lyman Continuum Emission During Solar FlaresMilligan, ROral
14:15Evolution of flux rope, CME and associated EUV wave in the 10-Sep-2017 X8.2 eventPodladchikova, TOral
14:30Waves of Magnetic-field Variations Observed in Flare-excited Sunquake EventsZhao, JOral
14:45Analyzing the kinematics of EUV waves by combining simulations and multi-instrument observationsKoukras, AOral


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