Session 2 - Precursors and signatures of eruptive events

Conveners: Barbara Thompson (GSFC), James Mason (GSFC)

There are a variety of diagnostics used to study the energy storage/release and particle acceleration/transportation in solar eruptions. SDO's broad coverage in the spatiotemporal and thermal domains facilitates detailed case studies (using complementary data from other observatories) and ensemble studies of solar flares and eruptive events. Relevant topics include: 1) Distinguishing active regions as sites of eruptive vs. non-eruptive events, 2) Flux rope and prominence destabilization, 2) SEE energetics and particle acceleration, 3) Coronal dimmings as CME proxy, 4) EUV spectral irradiance evolution during flares.

Plenary speaker: Jiong Qiu (Montana State University)