Session 3 - Subsurface motions and flows

Conveners: Dean Pesnell (GSFC), Rebecca Centeno (HAO/NCAR)
Tuesday 30/10, 11:00 - 12:00
Tuesday 30/10, 16:30 - 18:15

A principal goal of the HMI investigation is to better characterize flows in the solar interior. Solar dynamics are a critical component of solar activity on both global scales and local scales. Of particular interest is the very difficult problem of finding the return flow (or flows) of meridional circulation. Other interesting areas of current research involve solar differential rotation, especially at high latitudes, and differences between the current solar cycle and previous ones; the characterization of the spectrum of velocities with depth; the characterization of local flow structures; and the calibration and improvement of far-side imaging techniques.

Plenary speaker: Vincent Böning (MPS)


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Tuesday October 30, 11:00 - 12:00
11:00HMI SummaryScherrer, PInvited Oral
11:30Solar interior flows: Recent results and current challengesBöning, VInvited Oral

Tuesday October 30, 16:30 - 18:15
16:30Statistical constraints on active region emergence from the surface motion of the polaritiesSchunker, HOral
16:45Revisiting helioseismic constraints on subsurface convectionBirch, AOral
17:00Temporal evolution of solar meridional flow in the deep interior during 2010-2018Chen, ROral
17:15Twenty-one-year helioseismic measurement of solar meridional circulation from SOHO/MDI and SDO/HMI: Anomalous northern hemisphere during cycle 24Liang, ZOral
17:30HMI Full-disk Vector Magnetograms: Products and IssuesLiu, YOral
17:45HMI Data Corrected for Scattered Light Compared to Hinode SOT-SP DataNorton, AOral
18:00Investigation of Acoustic Halos using Multi-Height SDO ObservationsTripathy, SOral


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On the depth dependence of solar equatorial Rossby wavesProxauf, B
First comprehensive calculation of the whole solar convection zoneHotta, H
Rossby waves in the solar convection zone measured by deep-focus time-distance helioseismologyDuvall, T
Towards improved multi-ridge fitting method for ring-diagram analysis Nagashima, K
Statistical Analysis of Acoustic Wave Power and Flows around Solar Active RegionsRabello soares, M


Subsurface Flows During Cycle 23 and 24Komm, R
The HMI Ring-Diagram Pipeline: Recent Developments and Future ProspectsBogart, R
The Minimum Energy Principle Applied to Parker's Coronal Braiding and Nanoflaring ScenarioAschwanden, M
Interactions of waves with solar convectionSchou, J
Impact of observational duty cycle on the measurement of local helioseismic mode parametersTripathy, S
A New Approach for Calculating Three-Dimensional Flow Sensitivity Kernels Using Global-Scale Wavefield SimulationsZhao, J
Near-Surface Flow Anomalies in Solar Cycle 24 As Determined By Ring-Diagram AnalysisBaldner, C
A fragile detection of solar g-modesSchunker, H