Session 4 - Data-driven modeling of solar atmosphere and solar explosive events

Conveners: Meng Jin (LMSAL), Véronique Delouille (ROB)
Wednesday 31/10, 09:00 - 11:30

We have witnessed rapid increase in solar data especially in the SDO era, which is not only utilized for extensive model validation, but also dramatically facilitates the development of data-driven models across multiple scales and different domains. This session welcomes presentations of all kinds of data-driven modeling efforts to understand the dynamics of the solar atmosphere from convection zone into the heliosphere and the ideas/discussions of the current challenges of data-driven models. In particular, we encourage modeling results which are directly relevant to the forthcoming solar and heliosphere missions (e.g., Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter).

Plenary speaker: Maria Kazachenko (SSL/Berkeley)


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Wednesday October 31, 09:00 - 10:30
09:00Data-driven Models of the Solar Corona Magnetic Fields: ReviewKazachenko, MInvited Oral
09:30Ellerman bombs and UV bursts: reconnection at different atmospheric layers?Hansteen, VOral
09:45The role of small-scale photospheric motions in coronal magnetic energy buildup and explosive releaseDahlin, JOral
10:00Energy transport and heating by torsional Alfven waves in the quiet-Sun atmosphereSoler, ROral
10:15Simulation of dynamics of hot plasma in postflare loopsShestov, SOral

Wednesday October 31, 11:00 - 11:30
11:00Variation of Doppler velocity with non-thermal line width in a gravitationally stratified plasmaPant, VOral
11:15Understanding Heating Properties of Active Region Loops through Forward Modeling and Machine LearningBarnes, WOral


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Observations and Modeling of a High-Latitude, Extended Filament Channel EruptionLynch, B
Eruptions from quiet Sun coronal bright points: Observations & ModelingMadjarska-theissen, M
Research on Solar Drivers of Space-weather: Sun-Earth connection of magnetic flux ropesVemareddy, P


Soft X-ray (0.1 – 2.5 nm) Spectral Emission Lines Associated with AR 12713 Observed with Rocket EVE/SAM Instrument on June 18, 2018Didkovsky, L
Global Magnetohydrodynamics Simulation of EUV Waves and Shocks from the X8.2 Eruptive Flare on 2017 September 10Jin, M
Fast velocities of flare ribbon kernels and ribbon elongation in a quiescent filament eruption of 2012 August 31 observed by SDO/AIALorincik, J
On the extrapolation of magneto-hydro-static equilibria on the sun: model and testsZhu, X
What can we learn from impulsively generated waves observed by SDO/AIA?Ofman, L