Session 9 - Tool market

Conveners: Barbara Thompson (GSFC), Dean Pesnell (GSFC)
Posters only

This session is dedicated to presentation of various tools related to software, data center, experiment, but also educational aspect.


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NASA Rocket 36.336 Extreme Ultraviolet SpectrumWoodraska, D


New developments and applications of Helioviewer Project servicesIreland, J
sTools - a software package for data reduction of GREGOR instruments and general data analysisDiercke, A
The SDO AIA and HMI archive at MEDOCBuchlin, E
SDO-EVE Data Download and Processing Using SunPy©Templeman, B
The NASA Space Science Education Consortium (NSSEC)Young, A
Low Latency Space Weather Products from SDO-EVEJones, A